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Who We Are

The spaces in which we live reflect our being; for this it is important that everything, even the smallest detail, is the result of choices matured with intellect, passion and a touch of madness.

Ellepdue is the ideal partner for those who want to “dress” their spaces with their own ideas in terms of functionality, beauty and quality.

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Realization of furnishings in Monopoli

The Ellepdue, a company located in Puglia, in the town of Monopoli in the province of Bari, is specialized in the design and construction of custom made furnishings for any type of environment, from public to private, dealing with both internal and external spaces.

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The Workshop

Our core business is the wood and Corian® processing, made possible thanks to a well-equipped workshop and a skilled team of workers. The secrets of craftsmanship of the past and new technology such as the numerical control machine are perfectly combined in our workshop working in synergy.

What Corian® is

Since the late 90s we are an industrial partner Dupont Corian®. Corian® is a resinous compound that can be used in architecture and design as decorative material with a wide range of applications in any sector, from the residential to the commercial, from the health sector to the hotel and restaurant sector, from the school to the office sector.

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What We Do

As the tailor sews clothes on each person, we shape the furniture according to the characteristics of each space, integrating it into the environment as if it were one with it, away from all that is standardized.

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